About us

We position the research coteries at the Hub of every single thing we undertake, Prime Scholars Library strive for a future where research scholars are encouraged to work together for a common goal, and be liberated from obstructions that stand in their way. We focus to heighten the footprint of scientific research through openness and global Partnership as Prime Scholars Library wholeheartedly accept that science strives best when research is wide open.

For publishers

We aim to help publishers and societies in embracing the advantages offered by an open access publishing model, we have created a simple, instinctive and cost-effective publishing remedy that back-up all workflows; from submission and peer review process through to production and publication.

For authors

With focus on researchers at the hub of the publishing experience, we have created a various peer-reviewed and open access journals across a wide range of scientific, educational, agricultural and medical disciplines. Choose the journal that fits your niche.

DOI: 10.51268

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