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A history of Sino-Indian relations: From conflict to cooperation


Sheikh Mohd Arif

During the 1950’s the relations between India and China were flowery, based on the peaceful coexistence, but the Tibet issue, followed by a border dispute poisoned the climate of Sino-Indian entente cordiale. Nehru’s policy of no-dispute and no-negotiation policies finally led to a border war in 1962. From then on, Sino-Indian relations entered an era of cold war which lasted nearly 20 years. However during the era of Rajiv Gandhi (1988), the tension between the two countries was minimized and initiatives were taken for improvement in the relations. Since the end of cold war the relations between the two countries has steadily improved, and also strengthened in various fields of mutual interest. The continuous visits between the heads of state and officials have strengthened the relations and various issues including the border issue haves been in the discussion for resolution by mutual cooperation. The recent visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh brought a new direction in the bilateral relations. In this paper attempt has been made to trace the history of Sino-Indian relations.


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