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A perspective toward farm management and significance of barberry in imperishable rustic job in Iran


Fekede A. H and Kedir Wako

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is one of the most important minor fruits especially in arid and semi-arid regions in east of Iran. Most production of this valuable fruit, produce in south - Khorasan Province (about 98%) in extent of 5000 ha, that produce 10,000 ton annually, and generate incomes of 15,000 household, that in conditions of subsistence agriculture, are dependent to this production. Most important relative advantages of this fruit we can point to, are the high revenue of barberry in comparison to pistachio (Pistachia vera) in two folds, and highest efficiency and performance of water utilization in comparison to other fruits in the region, and resistance to salinity and high pH, that caused this tree lived during 10 years last-period of drought in the region. This tree also has a high degree of resistance to frostbite in the spring season. Nowadays, because of export of this fruit to other countries, barberry has the highest rate of economic growth in comparison to other fruits in the region such as Pomegranate, Pistachio and Jujube (tree) etc. Barberry has various usages in local foods, traditional medicines, preparing alcoholic and non alcoholics’ drinks in different countries, protection of soil and prevention of erosion. Average production per ha, of this valuable fruit in Iran is 5,500 kg/ha. In recent years, in spite of fast increasing in extent of cultivating, performance per ha has not increased, because of various causes such as long drought periods, non-scientific and commercial agriculture and etc. Barberry has a high situation in entrepreneurship in the region. In this article, we try to explain major problems and aspects of cultivation, economics, marketing and etc. of barberry in east-of-Iran especially in south- Khorasan Province as a major pole and axis of this valuable fruit.


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