Medical Advances and Case Report

Achievement of starch got from Dioscorea dumetorium as disintegrant in sodium salicylate tablets


Nabila Benhammou and Fawzia Atik Bekkara

Starch obtained from Dioscorea dumetorium was employed as a disintegrant in Sodium Salicylate based tablets at concentrations of 5 –15 %w/w. Properties of the starch evaluated include: bulk and tapped densities, water uptake by capillarity, Hausner’s quotient and percent compressibility. Compound tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, disintegration time and dissolution rate. Batches of tablets containing equivalent concentrations of AC-di-sol or maize starch were employed as standards. Results obtained indicate that Dioscorea dumetorium starch performed as much better as a disintegrant in sodium salicylate tablets as maize starch but less than Ac-di-sol.


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