Journal of Science and Geosciences

Advancement of a responsive spectrophotometeric method for determination of copper


Wakawa R. J and Uzairu A.

Simple and rapid spectrophotometeric procedure have been established for quantitation of Cu (II).This method is based on the reaction between alizarin red S and boric acid in the solution of pH 8.5 to produce a red complex which place between organic and aqueous phases. In presence of Cu (II), the complex of alizarin red S and boric acid is dissociated and new complex between alizarin red S and metal ions formed which can be measured at the optimum wavelength. All variables were studied to optimize the reaction conditions. Regression analysis of beer’s low plot showed good correlation in concentration range 0.6 - 15 μg.mL -1 . The molar absorptivity and detection limit are calculated. The interference effects of the foreign cation have been examined.


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