Advance Journal of Virology, Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases

AIDS crisis in Pakistan


Syeda Samra Iqbal Jaferi, Muhammad Ilyas and Muhammad Idrees

The estimated number of HIV patients in Pakistan is ~80,000 that is about 0.1% of the adult population
of the country. Although the prevalence of HIV/AIDS seems to be low but still the country is at high risk
as the potential for a widespread epidemic is high due to contamination risk factors common in this
country like other countries with high HIV prevalence. These risk factors include, low literacy, poverty,
high fertility, low contraception uptake and poor access to health and education. This current review
establishes the presence of HIV among all four provinces of Pakistan and further necessitates detailed
behavioral study for risk assessment in subpopulation. The society in general needs to debate the
issues through conferences, seminars, workshops and media for enhancing awareness.


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