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An appraisal of the decision and execution of ladies business people in innovative and non-mechanical ventures in southwestern Nigeria


Mahmood Puyol, Ali Akbar, Lotfali S.G and Fraydoun Agba

The learning mechanisms and factors that influenced the choice and performance of women in technological and non-technological Micro and Small Scale Entrepreneurship (MSSE) in Southwestern Nigeria were studied. This was with a view to recommending policy measures that could enhance the participation and performance of women in technological businesses. Primary data were collected from 210 micro and small scale enterprises owned by women using structured questionnaire and the Raosoft sample size calculator based on the normal distribution statistical method. Secondary data were also used. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed for data analysis. The study revealed that learning mechanisms such as television, trade fairs and community outreach programmes significantly influenced the choice of technological ventures. Factors such as educational background, prior training in venture, role model, socio-cultural factor, and age also influenced the choice of ventures. Furthermore, the performance of the businesses and respondents were significantly influenced by variables such as business premise status, retraining opportunities, systematic planning and monitoring among others. The study concluded that the greatest motivation for women in nontechnological ventures was unemployment while for technological ventures was personal interest. Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics enhanced the women’s performance. Recommendations were made towards boosting the choice and performance of the women especially in technological ventures


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