Advances in Life Science and Biotechnology

An epic wellspring of antimicrobial proteinaceous food substance : Bacillus licheniformis IITRHR2


Pradeep Parihar, Leena Parihar and Achaleshwar Bohra

Spoilage of food due to contamination by bacteria present in the environment is a major problem which affects human health and efforts to identify antibacterial components from natural sources has gained momentum. In this regard we isolated a new strain of BACILLUS LICHENIFORMIS IITRHR2 (accession number FJ447354) which produced bacteriocin like inhibitory substance (BLIS). Partially purified BLIS showed a major peak on HPLC with antimicrobial activity. This proteinaceous substance (~1.2 kDa) was thermostable and pH resistant but lost activity when subjected to proteinase treatment. BLIS inhibited growth of 16 bacteria including environmental and clinical contaminants of food products and potentiated the activity of nisin. In conclusion, the proteinaceous substance isolated from B. LICHENIFORMIS IITRHR2 showed potential to combat contamination of food products by bacteria present in the environment.


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