Annals of Business, Finance and Management

An investigation of the supply for seed sweet potatoes in two senatorial zones of Nigeria


Isaac K. Ngugi and Daniel K. Kariuki

This study was conducted to examine the supply of seed yam in major yam producing areas of northern and southern Nigeria using the supply function analysis. A cost -route approach was adopted in eliciting data from 120 seed yam farmers and marketers spread across the six states studied in 2006 using the multi-stage random sampling technique. Results show that age had a significant relationship with seed yam supplied at the 1.0% level. Need for disposable income was significant at the 5.0% level, while labour cost and supplier experience were negatively related with seed yam supplied at the 10.0 and 1.0% levels respectively. The elasticity of supply for seed yam with respect to income is positive and inelastic. Price of seed yam had positive elasticity. The study also shows that there were no commercial structures for supply of seed yam in Nigeria. The rural assemblers and wholesalers limit purchases and supplies to accessible rural markets. Farmer’s only sell seed yams after satisfying own requirements.


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