Advances in Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Horticulture

Assessment of genetic and hereditary buildout of yield attributes in wheat under dry spell condition


Salah Ahmed

Four varieties/lines of wheat and their crosses namely, Sakha8, Sids1, line 1 Line3 and Line1x Sakha8, Line3x Sakha8, Line1x Sids1, Line3x Sids1 were evaluated to estimate heritability and genetic advance for yield traits. The experimental material was planted under irrigation as well as drought stress conditions. The mean average for plant height, spike length, number of spikes per plant, number of grains per spike, 50% heading date and 1000 grain-weight revealed highly significant differences among genotypes and crosses under both sowing conditions. Low, medium and high heritability was found in different yield  traits under study. High heritability accompanied by high genetic advance was observed for spike length and 1000 grain-weight. Low heritability coupled with low genetic advance was for plant height and number of grains per spike. However, the heritability was generally found to be lower under drought stress conditions. Greater magnitude of heritability coupled with higher genetic advance in some traits under study provided that these parameters were under the control of additive genetic effects. This indicates that selection should lead to fast genetic improvement of the material. Moreover, the genetic correlations in study were high for most of the traits, suggesting a strong inherent association among these traits at the genetic level. These traits therefore deserve better attention in future breeding programs for evolving better wheat in stress environments.


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