Annals of Business, Finance and Management

Basic elements impacting the venture accomplishment among assembling organizations in Malaysia


H. Tavallali, M. Sheikhaei and H. A Ongori

The purpose of this study is to investigate the critical factors that influence a successful project among manufacturing companies in Penang, Malaysia. In addition, this study is also aimed to explore if project change control play a role in moderating the relationship between the independent variables and dependent variable identified in this research. Through the literature review process, it was found that project mission, top management support, client consultation, technical task, personnel competency, client acceptance, trouble shooting, project plan monitoring and effective communication are among the critical factors identified. From the 79 respondents who responded to 79 successfully completed projects, this study revealed that project success in the manufacturing context was in two dimensions which this study classified as micro and macro project success. This study also demonstrated empirically that project personnel competency and project mission are critical factors influencing the micro project success and as for macro project success, top management support and project mission are two main critical factors.


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