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Battling the scourge of defilement: Necessary in tending to the predicament of poor people


Lampard Eugine

Throughout the history of civilization, government has been criticized for failing to curb poverty, inequality, and corruption and blamed for their perpetuation. This paper shows how these three phenomena have been linked and how the conventional approaches of sharing, charity, moral obligation, and welfare have fallen short on a global scale. The one exception, that of the democratic welfare state that has been successful domestically in fewer than 10% of sovereign states, finds itself caught in the midst of an ideological divide over the very nature of government itself and is stalled. The current revision of the Millennium Development Goals presents an opportunity to move on growing international support for New Democratic Governance going beyond good governance. It promises to revitalize the role of public administration in which the public might be given greater opportunity to be more participative and choosy, management less authoritative and more people friendly, and delivery more innovative.


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