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Components impacting position fulfillment of banking area workers in Chennai


Ashwini J., Babatunde E., Konanahalli J. B and Iyabo K. J

The term job satisfaction has been conceptualized in many ways. Job satisfaction focuses on all the feelings that an individual has about his/her job. It has been assumed by organizational behavior research that individuals who express high satisfaction in their jobs are likely to be more productive, have higher involvement and are less likely to resign than employees with less satisfaction. It has been already studied by various authors in various spheres. However the researcher has studied job satisfaction of employees in new private sector and select public sector banks specifically in the banking sector of the main metropolitan city named Chennai. Banks are the backbone of our country and therefore their contribution to the nation should be to the fullest. The researcher has done a factor analysis using principle component method to find out the different factors that affect the job satisfaction of banking sectors employees.


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