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Confronting with office and legal customs within the field of avoidance due to fashion legislative documents' crime


Ahmad Samah

One of the most important crimes against public trust and tranquility is forgery. To forge official and government documents that is to say, the documents which is to be regulated by officials in order to their legal duties, because of it©s proper credit and worth and also having a stronger feedback proportionate to common documents, causes to be called intensified forgery and legist labors are going to prevent penal crimes via intensification of punishments. Unfortunately, nevertheless acute punishment the toll is increasing, and re-punishment could not do any thing, and prevention must be at the level of nation wide, area and ever in offices, official office system should not assume that their maximum duty is in litigation of official deeds, forgery in justice ministry and merely to plead for punishment but they should confront and prevent it at the first priority. In the present paper, after mentioning the most usual and common methods of state deeds©forgery, it has been suggested to constitute a preventive council about office special crimes with the purpose of legislation for proper regulations and submission of identical procedures. In this essay, besides social preventions, several thematic procedures such as anti citation for office special paper application, stapler instead of stamp, signature education to employees, leaving affairs of decals to special part utilization of coding system and paperless office system have been suggested.


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