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Debasement in the field of offering in Kosovo


Juan Ximena

Kosovo as many world countries is facing numerous challenges such as: organized crime, corruption generally, including corruption in the field of tendering. These harmful phenomena are causing dissatisfaction among citizens, especially due to the fact that the punishment of their perpetrators is indicating stagnation and other big uncertainties. Corruption in the field of tendering in Kosovo is manifested in many different forms. The consequences of corruption in the field of tendering, though of different natures, mainly dominate those of economic-social character. This consequence demonstrates the main reflections on the state budget damage and in the loss of interest of international and local businesses to invest in Kosovo. The consequence of corruption continues to be also the flaws segment of country integration into relevant institutions of international character. Of course the biggest concern for the country with the weakest economy in Europe and the youngest population is the fact of not punishing corrupted people who belong to state and political high profile. Evident concerns are noticed also regarding the punishment of medium profile officials, which when accused minimum punishments are imposed to them. Therefore, in public and professional opinion is created the perception that Kosovo responsible state institutions, despite the assistance coming from EULEX, are powerless to win the fight against this social gangrene. For some of the substantive aspects of this fight will be discussed within this short scientific paper.


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