Advance Journal of Virology, Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases

Degree of liver injury in Dengue virus infections


Ali K. Ageep

This study evaluated the degree of liver damage during an extensive Dengue Virus epidemic in Port
Sudan, Sudan, extending from July to December 2009. In 633 confirmed Dengue cases, the degree of
hepatic injury was assessed as follows: Grade 0 - normal levels of liver enzymes; Grade 1 - mild
elevation in the liver enzymes, not exceeding the double of the reference value; Grade 2 - elevated liver
enzymes, with the levels of the enzymes increased to more than three times the reference values; Grade
3 - acute hepatitis, with liver enzymes levels increased to at least 10 times their normal values; Grade 4 -
evidence of hepatic failure (high prothrombin time) or renal involvement (high creatinin). It was
observed that 63.8% of Grade 1, 17.9% of Grade 2, 3.9% of Grade 3 and 1.1% of Grade 4 had liver
damage. In this study, the severe degree of liver injury existed with the presence of the complications.
So an aspartate aminotransferase (AST), at least, should be done regularly in the follow up of Dengue


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