Advances in Agriculture, Food Science and Forestry

Disengagement and depiction of CPP (casein phosphopeptides) from matured milk


Kamar Arunachalam and R. B Raj*

The fermented milk peptides have a varied composition and they contain CPP (casein phosphopeptides) which has a wide array of uses. The study was undertaken to isolate CPP from fermented milk and it was then characterised using appropriate techniques. The 3 parameters of viscosity, titrable acidity and pH were standardised before commencing the studies. The antimicrobial activity of the CPP was tested against a number of clinical pathogens and it gave positive answer for ESCHERICHIA COLI and PSEUDOMONAS species with 14 and 16 mm of zone of inhibitions, respectively. The molecular weight range of the CPP was determined by gel electrophoresis and it was found to be around 3.5- 4.0 KD (KiloDaltons). FTIR analysis of the CPP done along with non-fermented milk as the control revealed the constituents. The characterisation of the CPP provided detailed insights of its nature and potential uses across numerous fields.


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