Annals of Business, Finance and Management

Effects of tourism on the consumption environment: Management and potential practice in Malindi, Kenya


M.L. Jepkoech

This paper examines the impact of tourism on the consumption environment of residents of Malindi, Kenya. Since the positive impacts of tourism are fairly well known, our study focuses on socio-cultural and environmental impacts. Our research shows that there have been some changes to the structure of what is available for residents to consume in Malindi. Second, there is duality of existence on the part of tourists as well as locals. Third, there has been a major change in moral values as well as change in some cultural values. Drawing upon the paradisal discourse as conceptualized by Costa in her 1998 study of Hawaii, we analyze the changes to the consumption environment of the residents. Finally, we present the coping strategies being employed by the residents and the potential emancipatory actions possible.


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