Advances in Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Horticulture

Evaluation of anti-hypertensive and analgesic activities of Musanga cecropioides in rodents


Salah Balla and M. Ahmed

A study was carried out to screen Musanga cecropioides R. Br ex Teddlie (Moraceae) for anti-hypertensive and analgesic properties using smooth and skeletal muscles in rodents in an attempt to evaluate the efficacy of medicinal plants and further search for novel structure. M. cecropioides locally known as “umbrella tree”, Aga (Yoruba), Agar Umbrella (English), Parasolier (French) has been screened for anti-hypertensive and analgesic properties. The aqueous extract of M. cecropioides used in this investigation was prepared using the smooth and skeletal muscles in rodents. Aqueous extract of M. cecropioides was found to contain ingredients that were active as analgesic, anti-hypertensive and spaspogenic.


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