Advances in Animal Science, Theriogenology, Genetics and Breeding

Evolutionary relationships of Bulinus (Gastropoda Planorbidae) shows the existence of 3 species complexes in the Albertine Rift freshwater bodies


A Nalugwa, A Jørgensen, S Nyakaana1 and TK Kristensen

Fecal samples collected from 85 diarrheic calves and 65 apparently healthy contact calves were examined for the presence of Salmonella species using bacteriological examination and fimA gene amplification assay (PCR). Salmonella were isolated from 43.53% of diarrheic calves and from 27.69% of apparently healthy contact calves. Salmonella typhimurium were isolated from diarrheic and contact calves in percentages of 17.65 and 15.38% respectively; whereas Salmonella entertidis were isolated in percentages of 11.76 and 7.69%, respectively. Salmonella dublin were isolated from the diarrheic calves in a percentage of (8.24%) and contact calves in a percentage of (4.62%), but Salmonella anatum were isolated from diarrheic calves only in a percentage of (5.88%), The sensitivity and specificity of PCR were 100 and 95.8%, respectively during examination of fecal samples obtained from diarrheic calves, while during the examination of those obtained from contact calves the percentages were 100 and 89.4%, respectively.


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