Advances in Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Horticulture

Examination of the inheritance of fertility restoration of rice WA CMS in normal and cold conditions


Sani Ahmadikhah and Umaru A. M

The inheritance of pollen fertility restoration in 2 F2 populations of cross Neda-A X IR36, was studied in normal and cold conditions by means of QTL method. In cold condition the number of fertile plants was reduced in favor of sterility. The distributions of individuals in pollen fertility suggested that fertility restoration was mainly controlled by major genes. The population cultivated in normal conditions showed a 15 (F): 1(S) ratio; however, the one cultivated in cold condition deviated from 15 (F): 1(S) ratio, in which 2 QTLs were detected. The obtained results showed that one major QTL (qRf- 1-1) localized on the short arm of 1st chromosome near RFLP marker RG140 and the other one (qRf-1-2) localized on the same chromosome between RM7180 and RM6100d. The detected QTLs explained 62 and 44% of the total variation of the trait, respectively. The minor QTL (qFer1-2) is expected to be a cold - inducible modifier QTL for fertility restoration.


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