Medical Advances and Case Report

Examination of two-sided thalamic infarct: Rare however mortal neurologic obstructions of the coronary corridor sidestep join medical procedure


Sureyya Talay and Derih Ay

We report a case of an early postoperative major neurologic complication following coronary artery bypass graft operation with cardiopulmonary bypass. Computed tomography scanning at the first postoperative day of the head revealed a cerebral infarction in bilaterally thalamic location and mesecephalon with a surrounding edema of the tissue. Following the antiedematous therapy, computed tomography scanning was repeated at the fifth day of postoperation, while cerebral pathology was proved to persist at the twelfth day of postoperation. Patients’ neurological status did not improve with medication and as such, worsened gradually. However, extubation was not possible during the intensive care unit follow-up period. Consequently, the patient died at the fifteenth day of post operation.


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