Advances in Agriculture, Food Science and Forestry

Examination of variables influencing dairy goat farming in Kenya


Agowuyi Ideh

Dairy goat milk production is undertaken in traditional extensive production systems with limited resources and harsh climatic conditions. Less attention has been given to goat milk and related products to minimize poverty food insecurity. The main objective of this study was to analyze the factors of production for dairy goat farming. It was hypothesized that farmers’ factor inputs do not significantly impact on the output of the dairy goat farm enterprise. The study was carried out in Keiyo District of Kenya using a sample of 100 farmers. Multistage,Purposive and Simple random techniques were used. Cobb-Douglas production model,marginal value product and marginal factor cost were used for computations. The findings of the study revealed that the factors of production analyzed had a significant impact to the total output produced. It was established that land under dairy goat, cost of disease and pest were significant. Policy recommendations towards adequate land under dairy goats and improved management practices aimed at cheaper and effectively utilized inputs may be a priority for the dairy goat industry.


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