Annals of Business, Finance and Management

Expectation as an arbiter of ethnoccentrism among hispanics: the post analysis of the nothing gringo boycott of 2006


Oduaraku Julius and Ugorosha Andy

This study aims to explore the determinants of consumers’ willingness to participate in the Nothing Gringoboycott, a one-day event organized in Mexico as an expression of solidarity to the Hispanic illegal immigrants in the United States. The data were collected in two of the largest cities in northeast Mexico during the boycott in 2006. The findings identified a key variable entitled “hope”,which along with the level of ethnocentrism, is found to be an important moderator of attitude toward a boycott. In addition, this study validates the theory of Planned Behavior in the study of Hispanic consumers. That is, the results showed that Hispanics’ pre-dispositions and attitudes are antecedents of the intention to protest.


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