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Finishing the crawling world: Globo-parenting


Majid Samrat

In the contemporary world, the forces of globalisation and foreign aid are shaping the identities of developing nations. The transition is slow but evident. The purpose of globalization is majorly integration of a multi-cultural world with a diverse resource base for various social, economic and political mutual benefits. The colonial and semi-colonial history of “developing world” has developed a creeping social psychology amongst them. A new form of colonialism i.e. “Globo-Parenting” is establishing the world system. The developed world, with its economic diplomacy, is trying to shape the politico- economic system of other nations. It is the parenting of the so called “developed world” that has on one hand helped the nations to grow and on the other hand made them dependent. Only “self –help”, which is a “socio-psychological therapy that can help the developing world to think and act independently. It is important that rather than comparing the status of development among the nations, every nation should have its own parameters based on its past. It is important to understand that “development” is not a race rather it is a step for achieving the wellbeing of all. The goals of development of a nation should be need-based and to accomplish those needs it is important to realize one’s own potentiality. It is important to develop the resource base and Research and Development of one’s own country rather than just to depend every time on external help. It’s, for the developing countries, to remember that globalisation is like a fashionable cloth which is stylish but expensive.


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