Advances in Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Horticulture

Impact of flushing shoots panicles and fruits on the pace of improvement, endurance, grown-up life span, and oviposition of H. scho-utedeni under natural conditions


Adode JN and Georgewill GM

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale Linn.) has become a very important tree crop in Ghana. It is, however, attacked by several sap sucking insects, including the mosquito bug, Helopeltis schoutedeni Reuter. Both the nymph and adult of H. schoutedeni feeding on cashew by sucking the sap from flushing shoots, panicles and immature fruits. The present study investigated the comparative effects of these food sources on the development, survival and oviposition of the species. All the nymphal stages experienced faster rates of development and survival when fed on fruits compared with feeding on flushing shoots or panicles. The adults survived longer and produced higher numbers of viable eggs when fed on fruits or flushing shoots than when fed on panicles.


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