Journal of Science and Geosciences

Improving patterns of force sign of trace level Hf in zirconium oxide utilizing AES consecutive expansion technique


Kumar R. A and S. D Ahmedu

A sensitive, rapid and simple method to detect Hf at trace level in Zr has been described. It is based on the sequential addition of sample after each pre excitation period, in presence of graphite as buffer. The improvement with respect to the other published procedures lies in the use of solid powdered sample, omitting the step of wet chemistry or use of any optical filter. The enhancing trends of intensity curves were also studied for various stages. The coefficient of variation was found to be within the range 6 - 12% for different batches of samples. The detection limit was found to be 30 μgg -1 . The improved sensitivity, accuracy and rapidity make it suitable for routine evaluation of Hf using emission spectroscopy.


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