Advances in Life Science and Biotechnology

Investigation on the preponderance of high-pathogenicity island and Escherichia coli infection associated with porcine diarrhea


Abdul Ibitoye, Stephen Jimoh and Onimisi J. A.

One hundred and sixty four rectal swab samples were collected from 110 live diarrheic piglets and 54 healthy piglets during an investigation on the prevalence of HPI-harboring Escherichia coli (HPI + E. coli) infection associated with porcine diarrhea. The data of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) revealed the presence of HPI + E. coli in 58.18% of swabs taken from diarrheic piglets, while 44.44% of samples taken from healthy pigs were so positive. Further PCR examination of 600 bacterial isolates from diarrheic samples revealed that 25 isolates were HPI + E. coli while 4 (16%) were F4+ , 2 (8%) were F4+ and F6+ , 2 (8%) were F4+ and F6+ , and one (4%) was F6+ , LTa+ and STb+ . Among the 480 bacterial isolates from nondiarrheic samples, 20 isolates were HPI + E. coli, and only one (5%) was LTa+ and STb+ , while absence of isolates belonging to the F4+ and F6+ groups was noted. O138 was the vast prevalent serotype among the HPI + E. coli isolates. It is suggested that HPI + E. coli maybe an opportunistic pathogen in swine.


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