Advances in Animal Science, Theriogenology, Genetics and Breeding

Natural waste treatment for power creation and vitality supply


Awamila Rohaan

Sudan is endowed with abundant solar, wind, hydro, and biomass resources. Like many tropical countries, sudan has ample biomass resources that can be efficiently exploited in a manner that is both profitable and sustainable. Fuel-wood farming offers cost -effective and environmentally friendly energy solutions for Sudan, with the added benefit of providing sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. Biogas from biomass appears to have potential as an alternative energy in Sudan, which is potentially rich in biomass resources. This is an overview of some salient points and perspectives of biomass technology in Sudan. This current literature is reviewed regarding the ecological, social, cultural and economic impacts of biomass technology. This article provides an overview of biomass energy activities and highlights future plans concerning optimum technical and economical utilisation of biomass energy available in Sudan.


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