Advances in Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Horticulture

Near assessment of various phytochemicals in the crude and watery unrefined concentrates from seeds of three Lablab purpureus


S. M. Arifuzzaman

The phytochemicals in the raw and aqueous crude extracts from seed of three varieties of Lablab purpureus (LP), including Rongai brown, Rongai white and Highworth black were comparatively evaluated as a preliminary study for their pharmacological potential. The phytochemicals analyzed were trypsin inhibitors, hydrogen cyanide, oxalate, haemagglutinin units, phytate, tannin, saponin and alkaloids. The study concluded that raw (LP) contained higher concentration of phytochemicals than the aqueous crude extracts of (LP) in the three varieties studied.


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