Medical Advances and Case Report

Preparation and characterization nanoparticles of cytarabine: exemplification, stockpiling and in-vitro discharge


E. Talla and Pramod Sharma

This work presents results of the preparation and characterization of nanoparticles for entrapping cytarabine, a chemotherapeutic agent. The particle size analysis indicated a uniform particle size. The study of the release of drug from nanoparticles exhibited a prolonged release profile as studied over a period of 16 hours. The drug release was constant from the 10 th to the 16 th hours, which showed that the formulation was successful for long-term treatment. The drug entrapment efficiency of the nanoparticles having the same ratio of polymer and drug was about 90.2%. The physical stability of the nanoparticles was good as studied over a period of 4 weeks. These results are promising for producing nanoparticles by entrapping cytarabine, which can be useful for cancer therapy.


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