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Provision and assessment of long-lasting insecticidal net, effectiveness of the distribution campaign in Plateau


Galiwango Badru and Waako Paul

Long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) have proved to be an important tool for the malaria control and other vector-borne diseases. Benin, by its National Malaria Control Program, conducted in July, 2011 a universal distribution campaign where approximately 5 million of nets were distributed. But after this mass-distribution, questions arise: Do people effectively use or not use the mosquito nets freely distributed? To clarify these questions, this study was conducted on LLINs coverage, use and physical condition in Benin one year after their distribution. The households were randomly selected from 32 clusters. Data on bed net ownership and usage, physical condition of the nets, other characters and issues related to sourcing were asked of all targets to assess the origins of LLIN found at the household level. Of the total surveyed, 88.96% had at least one LLIN. 87.19% of these nets come from the last campaign, 9.1% were from pregnant women voucher clinic delivery systems and 3.20% were purchased full price. 84% of the nets were reportedly used the night preceding the survey. Around 89% of the total of LLINs observed was in good condition. The universal distribution campaign in Benin has significantly increased LLIN coverage and ownership policy in the community.


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