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Re-conjure the youths constitution in approach making at the state government level in Nigeria


Kazi Mahmudur Rahman

The central focus of this paper is the domestication of the African Youth Charter, which reflects a tradition of social contract between the governor and the governed. In a long run, some afflictions of some global acceptable and agreed norms may be introduced on fundamental human rights, millennium development goals and the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) were necessary in order to justify the reason why African Youth Charter should be ratified. First, African Youth Charter (AYC) is simply a policy document adopted by the summits of head of state and government adopted in Banjul Gambia 2006. It has 31 articles which will be reflected in this paper. First, it has an objective of the provision of continental framework on the rights, duties and freedom of the youths which will lead to the development of national programmes on youths. Second, the charter provides a legal basis for ensuring youth presence and participation in government structures and forums at national, regional and continental levels. Third, the charter provides guidelines for member states on the empowerment of the youths in strategic areas like health, education and skill development, poverty eradication, socio economic integration of the youths, peace and security, youth employment, sustainable development and environmental protection and finally the charter takes a look at the responsibility of the youths.


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