Advances in Agriculture, Food Science and Forestry

Review on drivers of deforestation and associated socio-economic and ecological impacts


Alemitu Worku*

Deforestation is one of the most challenging environmental problems that the world is facing currently. Deforestation arises when a land subject to naturally occurring plant is converted to provide certain services in response to the human demand. The main objective of this review is identify the driver of deforestation and associated socioeconomic and ecological impact. The non-static nature of global ecosystems makes environmental changes inevitable; these environmental changes are caused by human made and natural causes. Economic activity and the rate of population increment have now increased to the point where the effects of humanity on the environment can no longer be viewed in isolation. The quality of many of the basic elements of the natural resource base (air, water, soil) is deteriorating, in particular due to the widespread depletion of forest resources. The other concern is emission of pollutants which have long-term and potentially irreversible effects such as climatic modification Ecosystem services provide various materials and non-material benefits to human beings. Deforestation is mainly a concern for the developing countries because of its negative contributions which include the loss of biodiversity and the increase of greenhouse effect. Ways to reducing deforestation must go hand in hand with improving the welfare of cultivators at the forest border. There are no general solutions and strategies since these will differ with region and will change through timer.


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