Advances in Agriculture, Food Science and Forestry

Review on role of precision agriculture on nutrient management


Aragaw Simegn* and Israel Zewdie

Precision Agriculture (PA) includes several strategies technologies and management elements aimed in the direction of addressing area variation that have an effect on crop yield by way of the usage of greater specific land leveling, seeding, fertilizer software, irrigation and pesticide use so on optimize crop production, improve profitability and reduce environmental risk. PA is carried out in massive and cluster farms also as lowlands of Ethiopia in particular in irrigated fields. It may help to precisely degree land, correct seeding and alertness of the right amount of fertilizer, irrigation water and pesticide supported the plant want. Despite of its extra advantage, the high value of machineries, software program and skilled hard work could scare the adoption of PA in Ethiopia. However, researches have proven that the advantages of PA out weight the cost and it may make contributions to food security appreciably. The arena populace is exponentially growing so on feed the developing populace, producers should depend on new technology to increase yields. Globally there may be goal warming and pollutants with a purpose to harm ecosystems. A way to resolve each of those conundrums is through knowledge of nutrient cycles and so the implementation of precision agriculture techniques to create a nutrient management gadget that meets the necessities of the flora, but yet prevents useless losses from the cycles. Research display promise inside the implementation of precision agriculture structures, with multiplied yields and better nutrient use efficiencies.


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