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Right to data act: An essential apparatus to battle against defilement in India


J Rafael de Arce and Saúl de Rosi

India is a democratic country and in a every democratic country there is a need for good governance. Such governance includes transparency, accountability, rule of law and public participation in government system. Today in India there is unprecedented corruption at all levels. The main factor behind the corruption is secrecy. If we want transparency in government there is a need to crack the corruption by the cracking ball of secrecy. The prevalence of corruption, lack of accountability, efficiency and effectiveness demands the requisite changes and transformations to ensure good governance. Information is power and at International level it is recognized that information is essential for development. As a result many countries have enacted Right to Information Act. In that regard Government of India too introduces a new era of good governance through the enactment of Right to Information Act in 2005.It provides an opportunity for citizens to interact with the officials and institutions. Right to Information is a potent weapon to fight against corruption, arbitrariness and misuse of power. The Right to Information (RTI) is a vital tool for good governance. This paper is an endeavor to discuss the major indicator of corruption in India, Right to Know and Right to Information Act 2005. Along with this paper discusses that how we can use Right to Information Act as a vital tool for fight against corruption in India.


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