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Scholarly accomplishment among radiography students in Nigerian colleges: Does program interest tally?


Augoye Akpan

This research assessed the relationship between the level of interest and academic achievement among Radiography students in a Nigerian University, and implications for career counseling. From the population of all the Radiography students (65) in the third, fourth and fifth (final) years, a sample size of forty students was drawn through stratified sampling technique. The ex-post facto research survey method was adopted. The program interest inventory (PII) was developed, validated and used for the study. Data analysis was done through descriptive, correlation coefficient and t-test statistics at 5% level of significance. A significant relationship between students’ academic performance and the level of interest in Radiography program was revealed. Consequently, students with higher interest levels performed better in cognitive test than their counterparts with low interest level. Gender is considered an important factor, as this study revealed a significant difference in the interest levels of female and male students. The study confirms that the interest level of students in a Radiography program significantly influences their academic performance. The study recommended a targeted counseling service to help students develop genuine interest and love for their chosen careers and to avoid academic failure.


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