Journal of Science and Geosciences

Screening and persistence of flavonoids in Secamone afzelii (Asclepiadaceae) extricates


Ogunniran O. O and Ajanaku F. C

The goal of this survey is to determine the amount of flavonoids in the leaves and stems of Secamoneafzelii (Asclepiadaceae), a plant possessing some antioxidants qualities. The phytochemical screeningrevealed that the flavonoids are more abundant in the leaves than in the stems. The amount of anthocyane is 336 mg/100 g in the leaves, whereas it is only of 180 mg/100 g in the stems. We also discovered that the stems did not possess aglyconic flavonoids while the amount is 86 mg/100 g in the leaves. This plant’s flavonoid have several structural shapes. All these flavonoids could act in synergy in order to increase the antioxidant property of S. afzelii


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