Advance Journal of Virology, Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases

Serological and RT-PCR detection of cowpea mild mottle carlavirus infecting soybean


Tavasoli S.N and SH. Ghorbani

During 2006-2007 growing seasons, survey was carried to identify a disease of possible viral etiology
causing mosaic of soybean in the soybean field. Leaf samples showing symptoms of mild mosaic were
collected from soybean fields in Dezful region (Khozestan province, Southern Iran). Electron
microscopy, DAS- ELISA serological tests and RT-PCR assays with specific pairs of primers were
applied to identify and determine the viral etiology of the agent. Flexuous particles of ca. 15 x 650 nm
were present in the leaf dip preparations examined by electron microscopy. On the basis of serology,
RT -PCR assays and reaction of indicator host plants, the causal virus of these mild mosaic symptoms
on soybean in the Southern Iran was identified as Cowpea mild mottle virus- CPMMV, a whiteflytransmitted


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