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Strategic partnership of Sino-South African: Arranging personal responsibility or common collaboration


Diego Carlos

States distinguish between various goals of diplomacy to promote their interests in another state. They do so to gain advantage in political, economic and socio-cultural matters with diplomats tasked to maneuver their state’s positions. This work in particular examines the role that diplomats play in translating the Sino-South African Strategic Partnership into a framework for the harmonizing of national interests. These interests are negotiated between state leaders, visits by high-level officials, in discussion forums, such as the Forum on China-African Cooperation (Focac), and media reports. With this in mind, the aim is to shed light on the negotiating skills of diplomats in adding value to these interests, indicating that diplomats shape the Sino-South African bilateral relationship through specific arts of negotiation. The attempt is not to conduct an in-depth investigation into ‘behind the scenes’ negotiations but rather to present a broad analysis of interests.


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