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Struggle in Somalia: An African inborn approach towards a quiet determination


Bahaman Abu

Generally, Africa has been characterized by chronic conflicts which are largely attributed to colonial legacies, repressive regimes, disastrous economic and political policies, systematic disregard of human liberties, institutionalized corruption and on-going civil wars. The causes of the lingering crises in Somalia are not far-fetched from those enumerated above. The complete breakdown of law and order in Somalia stem largely from economic and political problems inherent in most sub-Saharan African states. The resultant consequence of the anarchy in Somalia is largely manifested in the increasing rates of criminality, flagrant disregard for human rights, increased death tolls, dire humanitarian conditions, refugee crises and security tensions in the horn of Africa and Eastern Africa. The paper suggested among others that African indigenous initiatives should be used with a view to addressing the situation in Somalia. Africa should be allowed to chart its own course for its destiny. It may be an uphill task, but presents the best option towards ensuring its freedom.


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