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Supply chain management (SCM) implementation practices in the local municipalities within the Central District of North West province, South Africa


Chan Wai Kuen and Suhaiza Zailani

The study evaluates whether and to what extent supply chain management (SCM) practices in local municipalities are implemented. A case study was undertaken in the Central District Municipality and its local municipalities, North West Province, Republic of South Africa. Purposive sampling was used through which thirty (30) respondents were identified and interviewed within the six municipalities. Both primary and secondary data collection methods were employed to collect empirical data. The findings of the study revealed that (i) implementation of SCM was far from satisfactory (ii) the municipalities are faced with problems of lack of skills and capacity in the implementation and execution of SCM. Furthermore non-compliance to SCM regulations was highlighted. The study concludes by recommending (i) greater sharing of information among those tasked with the implementation of the SCM through the use of technology (ii) establishment of a structure for the implementation of SCM, and in particular structures for public-private partnerships in service delivery (iii) training of municipal employees tasked with the implementation of SCM and (iv) stricter application of the public procurement and the Municipal Finance Management Acts. For further research it is recommended that a replication of the study be done in other municipalities to obtain the situation regarding the implementation of supply chain management practices.


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