Journal of Science and Geosciences

The investigation of delicacy and percipience of tertiary amines with aryl chlorothionoformates


Toma I., Shinggu D. Y, Ezekiel W. and Barminas J. T

o-Nitrophenyl chlorothionoformate reacts readily with unhindered tertiary aliphatic amines in only 10min at room temperature, and gives the dialkylamine salts after treatment of initial thiocarbamate with dimethyl sulfate followed by hydrolysis with water. The ease of cleavage of alkyl groups from tertiary amines with 4-chlorophenyl chlorothionoformate is benzyl >t -butyl > allyl > methyl and using 2, 4, 6- tribromophenyl chlorothionoformate it is benzyl > allyl >t-butyl > methyl.


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