Advances in Agriculture, Food Science and Forestry

The microbial standard, safety and effect of developed acidity on microbial load along the chain of camel milk supply from production to the market


Halidou Kazienga, Ouhamin Lompo, Yara Adama, Sayouba V.E

The camel milk chain was investigated for microbial quality and safety and its implications to public health. At production, 66% of the samples had microbial load less than 105 cfu/ml compared to 54% at
bulking and marketing where the microbial load was over 106 colony forming units (cfu)/ml. Gram-positive cocci (42%) were the majority at production. Gram-negative rods formed the majority (54%) at bulking and marketing. Salmonella spp. were detected at production and bulking levels. There was slow rate in acid development in camel milk decreasing total viable count at market level by 29% in 5 h.


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