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The panorama of human rights violations in South Asia: A critical study


D. Sendhil Kumar

The emergence of human rights thrust toward live on the better way with full fledged independence from the phlegmatic culture to praiseworthy culture is a hard discovery of our ancient ancestor discretion from the situation of sorrow, poverty ,famine , land lord domination , aristocracy suppressive rule and dominant class people atrocities and iron control over on the poor community people .This kinds of hard labored discoveries of our ancestors have given us a good governance ,good political democratic setup and education to enjoy natural resources as common as equal without disequilibrium as respecting human rights and values in mutual ways .The chief aim of human rights which was given by the god is to make prevail ubiquitously for the better life of all weak and non weak people .But ,unfortunately that was not made known to poor people except knowing some claver dominant community people in overall the world for exploit their natural resource , labor ,keep them slavery without freedom for the benefit and luxury life of upper caste community people .This upper people injustice attitude over on the poor people have been caused a great injuries at the heart of poor people and revolution in the world against those upper cast people who were hiding out the natural rights of weak people.


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