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Was the United Nation's dismantled crew headed by Ban ki Moon?


Satheesan Kumaaran(n.d)

The United Nations failed to stop the hostilities between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government. When thousands of Tamils were dying in the hands of the Sri Lankan state through aerial and artillery shelling for more than six months without a break, Ban ki Moon failed to stop the hostilities between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces. The UN failed to bring the perpetuators of the war crime to book. Over 280,000 civilians have been put in internment camps established by the government in Vavuniya without allowing the international media or UN agencies or any other non-governmental agencies to help despite outcries that the government armed forces were torturing civilians, but the UN is acting as a mute spectator. The UN can no longer act as a global organization for the betterment of humanity. Their officers are self-serving subservient to states that maintain them financially. Many international law and international relations experts argue that the UN should be completely reorganised, as all the administrative bodies, except the Social and Economic Council, are biased and lack the fortitude to bring global peace. Sri Lanka, a tiny island, in the Indian Ocean, is a classic example. Although not a major powerhouse for attracting the interest of global powers, with very little military power and receiver of military supplies from other countries, the corrupt behaviours of the UN’s top officials and their servile team could bring UN to its knees due. The global society needs to think that any single, powerful country can use nuclear weapons against one another, and even if the UN sends emissaries and the UN Secretary General visits, their support still goes to the violators in the end. Ban ki Moon has made sure that there would be no justice to the oppressed even from the highest citadel of humanitarian justice.


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