Advances in Animal Science, Theriogenology, Genetics and Breeding

Way of life and grouping practices of Bahima pastoralists


Greg F.G, H.U Ndume, F.V Okoyoyo

The Bahima in South Western Uganda used to move with their Ankole cattle, but nowadays most of them are settled. The Ankole cattle with its huge and white horns play a keyrole in the livelihoods of these families. This importance is reflected in the status of the cattle. These animals are multi-purpose animals, kept for milk and meat production, as a saving or are given away as dowry. Nowadays cattle keepers own their private land where they can graze their herds, which are still accompanied by a herdsman and guided by him to watering points. Responsibilities are shared between family members and hired workers. Although the lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last decades, cattle keepers are willing to keep these wonderful animals in the near future and preserve their heritage for future generations.


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