Journal of Science and Geosciences

Coordinating divided Structure for data frameworks: Case of animal data frameworks


Juma Morgan and Thadel Raymond

Information System (IS) is used for information communication. But the problem with the existing Agro- ISs is that they are not integrated. To integrate it, we need to have an integration framework. Generally, much has been done on the designing framework for IS integration. However, there are credible things which can be added to improve these frameworks. A framework can be designed in such a way that it guides users on technologies to be used, skills needed for the task, goals, outcome and output of integration. This is what this study focused to contribute. To design the framework, guiding factors were established. These factors were the one which surround farmers and in one way or another hinder or support accessibility of information from integrated ISs. The factors were discussed and presented in the mapping matrix. Under each factor, viability of technology on the ground was established and compared against the available technology. From the mapping matrix, scenarios on possible applications were established. Guides on Technologies, skills, goals, output and outcome of integration were established to form a framework for integrating applications and ISs. Then the framework was demonstrated empirically and compared with the existing frameworks. Results show that the proposed framework is more comprehensive in terms of guides it provides, than the existing frameworks.


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