Advances in Fishery, Aquaculture and Hydrobiology

Food propensities for two types of Pseudotolithus(Sciaenidae) off Benin nearshore waters and suggestions for the board


M. S.Likongwe, Kassam A. H. and Maluwa G. C

Food habits of Pseudotolithus senegalensisand Pseudotolithus typusin Benin nearshore waters were investigated for 18 months because of the importance of croakers in artisanal catches. Frequency of occurrence, numerical abundance and gravimetric composition were utilized in computing the percent index of relative importance of each food item. The major dietary components of the two species were shrimps. The food composition of P. senegalensisand P. typusdid not show any variation with season. The diet composition of the two species of Pseudotolithusportray them as specialized feeders depending on similar food sources with low number of dietary prey items. Shrimps and to some extent juvenile fishes which constitute the important preys of Pseudotolithusspp., remain an essential link of the trophic system off Benin nearshore waters. Therefore, the dynamics of the abundance of these shrimps and juvenile fishes must be assessed for sustainable production of their predators.


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