Advances in Fishery, Aquaculture and Hydrobiology

Principles of Aquaculture


Laura Matthew*

Aquaculture, the growth of fish and seafood, is one of the fastest developing sectors of the global food product industry. The decimation of ocean fisheries through decades of over fishing and the passion to deal more seafood cheaply has led to the quick privatization of sea waters on an industrial scale. This speed of increase in demand for fish and fish products has outpaced our regulatory agencies capability to manage arising environmental and human health risks from the aquaculture production. Though presented by the industry as a “result” to over fishing, the overwhelming proof is that aquaculture isn't relieving any pressures on wild fisheries. Rather, man made aquaculture has boosted the reduction of our ocean resources, added new threats to our marine ecosystem and wildlife, and created new troubles to human health and the environment all to the detriment of the traditional fishing husbandry and the public.


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